We’ve all heard the motto; “WorkHard – PlayHard.”, but here at Moonshine Organics it’s more than a motto, it’s what we live by. Our mission to help you Rule the Day and Own the Night.

Moonshine Organics provides a unique and euphoric experience for everyone. For some, it’s a mind-easing calm. For others, it’s an uplifting joy. You are just as much of an ingredient as the ones inside the bottle. Here’s why: our proprietary formula of Phytocannabinoid Rich extracts, adapt to your body. Like a thermostat, they turn us up or calm us down depending on what we need to rebalance. So while you may feel an urge to get up and dance at a lively party, a friend at an intimate dinner may be more inclined to sink into deep conversation. Your unique neurochemistry and hormones — along with sleep quality and stress levels — all have an effect on how Moonshine Organics affects you. It gives you what you need when you need it.

WorkHard – Daily Dosage: 5 squirts under tongue & hold for 90 seconds

  • Rule the Day with unprecedented calmness, creativity and performance.
  • Mitigate everyday anxiety and stress
  • Soothe sore muscles
  • Relieve aches and pains
  • Improve your immune system
  • Stay focused far beyond normal physical performance constraints
  • Stimulate mental clarity, productivity, and cognitive function

PlayHard – Nightly Dosage: 10+ squirts under tongue & hold for 90 seconds

Own the Night with the most powerful, all-natural, plant-based, EXTRA STRENGTH, experience-enhancing, mood-boosting hemp extract in the world, all in your favorite Cocktail Flavor.

Moonshine Organics invented a new category of nightlife crafted for conscious and sub conscience connection. All bliss, no booze. Become the soul of the party. Moonshine Organics was formulated to lift the mind and relax the body to open the spirit to the people around you. 75MG THC, but still under the legal limit of 0.3%

  • Sustainably stimulates dopamine, serotonin, and gaba production
  • Enhance your sight, sound, touch, and pleasure
  • Call on your Creative Mind at the hint of inspiration
  • Magnify your entire experience of life
  • When you’re done playing, you’ll sleep like a baby
  • The perfect amount of mood enhancement regardless of the situation

You are about to discover the most powerful, all-natural, plant-based, EXTRA STRENGTH, experience-enhancing hemp extract in the world.

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